3 Reasons to Go on a Six Nations Travel Tour

Are you thinking about going on a sports tour to see the next Six Nations tournament? And if not, why not? Six Nations travel is a fun-filled experience for sports fans and there are dozens of fantastic reasons why you should book a place on the very next tour? Don’t believe us? Ok, then let’s take a

quick look at 3 great reasons to go on a Six Nations tour:
1) World class rugby
Firstly this kind of travel is the best way to see world class rugby. Going on a tour means you will see a number of top flight games and see some spectacular sport that you couldn’t otherwise experience.

2) Camaraderie
A tour with a bunch of other rugby enthusiasts like you means you can enjoy the camaraderie that goes with being a hardcore fan. Cheer together as your nation triumphs and commiserate with a beer if the win goes to the ‘wrong’ team.

3) A non-stop party
Being on an international rugby tour as a player must be an amazing experience. You represent your country; you get to test your skills against the best players in the world and there must be a lot of pride in doing that. But…it’s all a bit too much like hard work isn’t it? On the other hand, a tour as a spectator is a non-stop party. Do what you like, with literally no pressure on you to do anything more than sit and cheer on your national team.

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